Monday, April 26, 2010

The beautiful blonde vampire

The beautiful blonde vampire
By Asil

.One day when I was coming back from my school and I was passing near the cave,I stopped suddenly and listened up,a voice of painful crying was coming from inside the cave, I felt scared but I began to walk inside the cave ,as the darkness was increasing gradually the crying voice was increasing gradually ,when I found an old lady, an injured old lady surrounded by an items of fire for lighting ,but something was strange !
Actually it was so strange…her injured leg was bleeding a dark black blood I noticed that but I didn’t comment and pretending to not pay attention to that, by a tired voice she asked me : would you help me my beautiful blond girl?”
Although she was tired and exhausted she was so kind with me
“how can I help you” I asked “wait a minute here I’ll ask for help”
“NO” she screamed “I mean I’ll die if I waited here,my blood will finish”
“so how can a little girl help you?..I’m not a doctor if you think so!”
“give me another source of blood of yours but don’t forget I’m the only one who knows your way to get out of that cave,look around yourself ! there are thirty holes behind you! Which one do you think you came through, you have no choice give me some of your blood or stay here forever, it’s your decision after anything”

Choose 1) give her my blood to get out.
or 2)I can't trust a vampire whatever the case was.


.I have no choice to still alive I must give her my blood I waited a second then I finally said “I agree at all” I continued “ I hope it’s not painful” I bent down towards where she was laying and she approached towards my neck ,her warm breathing was touching my neck first I thought It would be easy but when she folded her jaws on my neck I felt hurt and pain like no other just like a fiery burning at my neck, I couldn’t stay more I screamed and screamed but no one answered I tried to escape but she was so strong I grabbed her ,I hit her by my fist but she didn’t effect ,she grabbed my hand with her claws I yelled at her when I saw my blood falling on my clothes,but the sight began to fade black and I began to fall faint unconscious ignoring what would happen to me
I wake up…it wasn’t the death as I thought before, but I knew the lady did with her promise she carried me out of the cave I didn’t know how much time did I sleep but I was certain that the cave play with the time ,but I have a comment ,when I accepted her offer I didn’t accept to do that
I didn’t accept that a month later when I wake up to feel afraid of the sun rays ,I didn’t accept to hold my mum’s neck like this and fold my jaws on it
I didn’t accept to run under the light of moon seeking for a victim to water my throat !
I didn’t accept all that!
I did not!



You mustn’t or can’t trust a vampire whatever the case was…it’s a law!

So I preferred to see her dying in front of my eyes curled up screaming and shouting at anything “you will regret little stupid girl” she yelled “but it will be too late” .

Will I regret? I whispered to myself..but I mustn’t trust a vampire..right? but to be alone in the dark with one of them unable to take a step or make a decision is a different case!

She gave up the ghost curling left and right.

So I spent alone in the cave all alone two weeks suffering the hunger and thirst but finally I gave up to the loose rats running across in the cave and drinking the dirty water which full the floor of the cave trying the thirty holes in the wall but every path was leading me to another sixty holes!

I sat dawn I glanced an afraid rat running cross the cave, I stretched my arm to get it , I cough it fast and hold it firmly, then I put it near to my mouth and slowly I opened it and fold my teeth on it’s abdomen, so it separated into two halves

I stand up and decided to try another way in the cave I moved slowly and slowly.

After a walk of two hours I found finally a wooden door in the cave, it seemed was crashed by sharp claws

I took a step forward and confused a bit first but then I thought

What’s worse could happen to me?

I opened the door I gave it a little push and let it ajar ,but It seemed too dark inside,so fearful and dangerous !

I took a step inside the dark with my little fire but I held the frame of the door with my other hand ,that felt me with some safety I don’t know why even though the cave wasn’t safe!

I took another step forward and stretched my hand another Inch, another step by another Inch, but after a while I couldn’t stretch my hand anymore I had to let it and resume, so I did!

Two meters were separating me from the door ,I glanced a shadow was passing behind me ,

I turned left fast scared,so scared!

Since that moment I didn’t feel any safe!

With a frozen legs I ran to the door as fast as I could

But something stopped me

Something was holding my leg and prevent it from moving forward I looked dawn, I couldn’t analyze what was that as the dark was covering it but I could notice it was moving!

It’s alive!

While I was looking dawn I saw another shadow I turned my head upward,and I saw them!

Ooh,if I was something best at doing is refusing the vampire’s offer!

Do you know why?

Because she would had been doing like those gentlemen were doing then, folding their jaws and claws on your neck

Firming their claws on you leg and biting it and finally eat it !

I made the right decision that I didn’t listen to her!

Yeah,I was right

Totally right.