Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poem:The organizer of despair concerts


The Organizer of despair concerts

Nobody speak but me.

And this my way so you can stay or leave

Nobody will speak

But your passion on your face will appears

They will tell me all years of fear

And how was each one of you feel

Just now on your face nothing can disappear

About the happy days which had never existed and the sad years

But I can listen somehow some heart beats

They aren’t telling me about any inside mess and I can’t notice any fear

Nobody move..I will know who definitely is he

There are love and kind in his eyes I can see

There are dreams and ambitions in his heart are so deep

And his wish for a happy family are in a continuous increase

That’s you,what are you doing here?

I can see honor and ambition, and those aren’t my slaves’ dreams

You must be an enemy and my slaves’ thief

To steal them and show them how is the life is full of chances are waiting to be seized.

They will see how they are so pretty and then they will believe

I will try to make you hazy in their eyes and unseen

I can blind them but your voice of curse they can hear .

Some of them wooden pieces called despair will totally bloke their ears

But the others will follow you till they reach their dreams.

By love