Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Aiwa Keda Ya Wadi3 phenomenon

The "Aiwa Keda Ya wadi3" phenomenon
A saved sign in 2009
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.Among all sarcastic jokes and fun, "Aiwa keda ya wadi3" made the biggest hit within 2009 in Egypt,when madam Rsha approaches and takes off her clothes, Tohamy the director shouts disbelieving "Aiwa keda ya wadiiiiiiii3",No one denies that it's the most funny, laughed advertisement for Melody or even among all channels in 2009 ,which attracts a lot of viewers and watchers, For my experiences when I was walking with my sister at nearly 10 pm, when some guy shouted" Aiwa keda ya wadiiiiiiii3",And by our misfortune we were across our street where the neighbors were all around, as some another guy was giggling at us by the opposite road ,I shared a look with my sister unbelievers and she looked at me back and smiled, What else…? I was walking with my friends talking about the new release which is talking about Wiliam Walas and the ScotlandIans who would sacrifice any thing except their freedom, when we heard a sound behind us say"To2 To2 To2 To2",I think or I'm sure that there is no one in Egypt still don't use it.
For encouraging our friends, when they are playing play station ,or even to address him with "eah ya wadi3!" instead of "fi eah ya 3am!" which was used before ,or even among girls as when I was wearing a dangerous coat some friend of me shouted "eah el gmdan da ya wadi3?".
each one of us has each own experiences with "Aiwa keda ya wadi3"if he is a boy or she is a girl…I offered you all what I have and I'm wondering if each one of you write his own experiences as a comment and I will publish it here ended by his name, and this will make me wait it impatiently,2009 was a great year if we negate our grief for our patient, faithful players I hope 2010 be much greater.