Monday, November 29, 2010

Trapped in stupidity

Trapped in stupidity

By Asil

Once upon a time ,there were a prisoner and a king .

The prisoner was arrested of a murder and he was going put to death by the sunrise, the prisoner sat on the floor of his dirty cell in despair.

the king was touring around the cells, he stopped at that prisoner’s cell for a while and kept watching him curiously then he approached, the prisoner noticed a presence of someone ,he looked out of the cell and saw the king with all his diamonds and jewelries ,he stared at him for few minutes wondering if he should stand up in accordance of respecting , but his face gestures changed from wondering ones into uncaring ones and kept watching the king cluelessly in the way of –it’s no use anymore-

.the king among all those prisoners whose ugly faces and guards with swards, dirty clothes and smell with a grim ,unpleasant look seemed so colorful and lasting as his cloth was all made of silk with a great number of lasting accessories ,rings, chains and crown. At the opposite of the prisoner who owns big muscles with a sweaty body.

He asked calmly “what bothers you?”

The prisoner raised his head to face him with a sarcastic smile on his face “what bothers me?” he started to laugh loudly “I’m going to be two halves after few hours and you ask me about bothering !”

He breathed loudly, the king looked at him “I can give you another chance to stay alive”

The prisoner gazed at him disbelieved “some sort of games but if you failed you’ll be put to death throwing into an holocaust ,So?”

The prisoner stood up and approached forward towards the king uncared “I’ve nothing to sacrifice but some pain, go on, I’m listening”

The king astonished from his rude answer but he didn’t comment “I’m going to command all guards to leave tonight, and you have only to escape”

The prisoner smiled “just like this?” the king continued “if you succeed you are free forever ,but if you failed…..” he didn’t complete, the prisoner was amazed from the king’s offer but he accepted it without any arguments.

The king turned round to face the guards then he gave them a sign by his finger to get ready for departing, and they left.

The prisoner watched the empty room and thought how was that as simple as unexpected.

The prisoner looked at himself and the cell and kept thinking how could him escape till he found a rope embedded in the wall and he thought what could it be put for…

He pulled it but he found nothing ,then he changed his mind and began thinking of another attempts

He tried digging the floor either claiming the roof but he failed.

After a few screwed-up attempts ,the time passed and the sun began to rise up in the sky, the prisoner breathed loudly while he was watching the sunrise ,then he heard a footsteps coming towards the room ,he kept cursing for that

After seconds the king and the guards got in, the king saw the prisoner setting down angrily on the floor of his cell, he astonished and asked “why didn’t you run away ?, ain’t you want your freedom?”

The prisoner hurtled towards him swearing “you deceived me. there is no way to escape”

The king took a footstep backward “How?”

The prisoner yelled with his harsh voice and hit the wall “I’ve tried this disguised rope and claiming the roof even I’ve tried to dig the floor, they are all useless”

The king watched him smiling “why didn’t you try to escape in a civilized way?”

He stretched his hand and pushed the door of the cell and opened it,

The prisoner blushed

“your stupidity is beyond belief” said the king

The king addressed the guards and commanded them to throw him into a great holocaust

Asil saad,15