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Chapter 1of Shakespear,Winter's tale

Shakespear Winter's tale
by Asil


.Being a king has to rule his own kingdom was really a very hard work,So busy,Has no time for anyone even his wife and kids,But king Leantos had missed his old friend and school felمow Polixenes who has been the king of bohimia now and he is so busy too,So king Leantos and his beautiful wife Hermoine organized a meeting for him and an invetation to visit cisili,Lentos asked Hermoine to treat Polixenes very kindly,Polixenes was so thankful and glad for that invetation and accept with all pleasure and the day after Polixenes went there and his old friend had welcomed him so warmly,day after day,the days passed and Polixenes decided to leave cisili and backed directly to his kingdom as he had spent a lot away,Polixenes apologized to Leantos and required a permission for leaving but Leantos try to convince him to stay but Polixenes refused.Leantos told his wife Hermoine that Polixenes had decided to leave and asked her to bage him to stay.Hermoine backed to Polixenes and abeyed her husband and asked Polixenes to stay then Polixenes agreed.


.Lenatos feel jealousy when Polixenes agreed Hermoin's require so he assumed himself that there was a relationship between them or any kind of love,so he began to watch all Hermoin's moves towards Polixenes,and his assumption increased as hermoine was treating Polixenes kindly as she thought that would make Leantos her husband happy,Leantos was nervous and anxious,he thought that his wife was a lier and unfaithful for him and on a relationship with him,Leantos hadn't beared such an idea,He addressed his servant Camillo and told him about his wife's treason and faithlessness and commanded him to poison Polixenes,Camillo understood that his guilty wasn't true,so he decided to rescue Polixenes from what Leantos had plained against him,as fast as Camillo could he went and warned Polixenes and they escaped togther to Bohimia,And that what Leantos anger was waiting for to fire all around and to get out all his nervous,unjustice and guilty on his poor wife Hermoine,he throwed her in Prison without any convincing reason and deprived her from any visits,and he commanded to be trialed in public trail,for more misfortune their young son as he heared about his mother pain indicating of his father cruelity he lost his desire for eating and his suffering disappointment leaded him to some hilarious diseases appeared on his face. .while Hermoine was in Prison she gave birth a small beautiful baby daughter,she whispered,Although she was knowing for sure that the baby wouldn't understand her"Oh my beautiful young prisoner baby,you have done such a small fult like me",Paulina the faithful servant of Hermoine lingered to the prison to visit her by Leantos Ignorace and offered her"what a poor queen,I know for sure that you are innocent as your baby child,But I offer you a deal I help it may help you,Give me your baby I'll show it to the king Leantos may it soft his heart and set both you free"the queen Hermoine accept her deal which she found an opportunity to save herself from her husband guilty So she thought that that was the only was so she decided to surrended to it,she gave her the baby and Poulina took her and dressed her up an expensive coat with gold and jeweles all over her and took her towards the king Leantos. .Paulina approuched to King Leantos and began to speak"Oh,My lord this your baby,your suffering queen has beared the pains to demand you this beautiful baby daughter"she put her opposite to the king's feet and left them alone supposing that will make the king more freely to elaborate his warm feelings towards his innocent baby child,But she was so wrong,as soon as she had lived,the king addressed Pulina's husband Antigonous from the loyal court and commanded him to take the child towards the coast and left her there to die.Antigonous wasn't a kind man as Camillo,he abeyed his command at once,he took her to the coast and left her after fasting a pieace of paper by her coat explainning her noble birth and her life story with undirectly way,and left her and he went back,But his cruel lead him to death as a bear attacked him and ate him,while he was going back .


.the cruel king commanded two of his faithful servants to travel to Delfos and ask the oracle for his illustration if his wife is unfaithful,the two servants abeyed Lenatos at once,He knew that Pulina's bagging indicated of Hermoine's weekness and misery and assumed that was a slight admission of her disgracful treason,
He didn't wait for the answer of the oracle as he was sure that Hermoine was a lier.He announced the public trail would begin,and in terriable sight the queen stood up in an arrested,shamful way was ruled by her guilty husband,while the public trail was on the two servants recived with the answer of the oracle which was carried the truth of Hermoine,the excitment was filled leantos as he commanded loudly"read it loudly"so one of the servants advanced and began to tell what would carry the most terrified speech for hermoine.


."Hermoine is innocent,camillo is a true servant,polixenes is blameless,Antigonous deserve his hilarious end,Leantos is a cruel king,and he will stay without an heir till what was lost is found"the king hadn't believe the answer of the oracle he thought it was all a trick made by the queen's faithful servants,By the astonishment of all,Pulina entered the caurt room announcing"The charming prince died",everybody was anxious and scared,And with Hermoine losing the consciousness after a long bearing,the same sound of her body's hitting the floor,was the sound of Leantos waking up to watch the matter with real eyes not unjust ones,he saw how stubid was he,everyone had left him everyone had hated him and go,But he realized finally he must found the baby who will be the heir,he commanded Pulina to take Hermoine and look after her,after a while Pulina entered the room to announce the death of hermoine.

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