Sunday, November 22, 2009

My faithful dog,Lika!

My faithful dog,Lika
by Asil


. .I can't even remember how all that had begun!,It all happened coincidentally ,It was just one cold,dark,terrified night of those routinely nights and I was as always coming back directly from Work at the space station,but there was one thing unusually routine at that night!there was barking everywhere ,but who didn't tell you that there was no barking at the rest ones, but that night I felt with the painfully reality of that poor whatever it was, AAWOOOO....AAWOOOO,I felt with It's suffering ,I walked slowly towards the slight sound, and I found a little dog was having to suffer the pain for It's broken leg!,I felt with It's frustration! Exactly such a suffocating unbreathable creature! ,Like a prisoner was captive in the vicious life which had no pity ,was deprived from It's right of living! "What a poor creature!,who have left you here alone in the darkness?" I whispered ,on my rhythmical voice I felt it calmed and quited,"came on,let's take you to the some warmer place!,My apartment!"I carried it directly to my House and I brought some milk and dogs' food for it!days passed and my lovely female friendly dog grown up and became a really faithful friend,once I was coming back from Work and as always I was ready to Lika's warm welcome and not completely steady for it's wet licking,But instead I found her barking very loud and over load,for every step towards the house her barking was higher,I tried to calm her down but it was no use,So I began to fell anxious"What's wrong with you my dear?,you look very different today!"she was dragging my out the apartment furiously and violently,she was insisting at all,she was not kidding!she was not joking!and that made me scared as I had not experienced before!That's bad!So bad!,I didn't know what was she gesturing at?,suddenly,and after lika's dragging out,I saw the whole building cracking!even the floor under me,I was have no right way to think or just knew where I must run,like who had lost his consciousness or infected with some mentally diseases,So I left the only,last right brain to lead,Lika!

Rescuer: .

.Lika rescued me,such no other great policeman she was, after that accident I left that area and the government had brought a new apartment for me,to live happily with her,her fantasy smile was always fascinating me,her unheard wise,courage speech was always inspiring me!,my colleagues and friends were always calling me crazy,and addressing me with insane,and when my employer had tested me for an advanced level,she was supporting me,but she was have no idea that this advanced level in the space station may or must deprived her from me,and as expecting,after few weeks my employer had told me to prepare myself for a space traveling,she was have no idea when I was carring her towards some friend of me,that I was going to leave her there,I could listen her screaming when I had left her in her invisible weeping,I could fell her killing miss inside my heart,after few weeks I returned back crawling to my friend's house and I was still can remember her warm huge.

Mysterious death:

. .such like a knife pushed directly into my abdomen nothing else when I heared that Lika had died two weeks after my leaving,I couldn't hide my weakness as I couldn't prevent my tears to fall over my cheek,what a rough life!,after a year I became easy,and I forgot almost about Lika except some of her memories,I spent the last whole year tring to assume myself that her death wasn't completely my fault,one day in the space station at the evening while everybody was asleep I dreamt with her,she was barking and as I could determine it was the same sight when she was standing over the door and unapparent warning was screaming of fear,But something indefinitely doubt me that It was not just a memory.. Fire :. .By her fantasy warnings,I waked up!as my eyes were wide open of surprise,I found all the stuff were burning!,but that time I was have an idea for the same situation,so I waked everybody up and warned the all,And as we were all terrified as you got out half-wearied uncared. .Lika had saved me twice,And with our sleepily,scared eyes we all watched the last laugh of the fire under the firemen water whips as a witness on Lika's victory,It was a scene like no other!