Saturday, November 7, 2009

man best friend

The man best friend

By Asil

long,long ago!when the animals were talking to each other,and the man was living in stony caves,and wearing the tigers lither........... and the Dog was looking for a friend! one day the dog got out of his home and went towards the rabbit,It asked the rabbit:(Hey rabbit! the loneliness is so Hilarious,and I'm searching for a friend!) the rabbit agreed with the dog ,that night the dog had been barking all the night but the rabbit stopped it:what are you doing?do you want the fox come and eat us?)the dog thought that the rabbit is afraid so he decided to go to live with the strong fox,the dog asked the fox:hi fox,you know? I live alone and I'm really want to be a friend for you)the fox agreed so much,so as the dog used to do he had been barking all that night but the fox stopped him:are you crazy?what are you doing?do you want the strong bear to come and eat us?stop barking!)Nooo-the dog thought-The fox is as afraid as the rabbit,so he decided to leave the fox and went to the strong bear and live with it,the dog walked towards the bear and asked him:(Hi,I feel lonely and I want to be friends)the bear agreed, every night the dog had been barking all along that night but the bear stopped him(Shhhh,stop,the man will come and hunt me!),(no way,the bear was as afraid as the rabbit and the fox,let's go to that creature who is called the man who are all animals are afraid of him)the dog the dog went to the man and asked him(Hi,can I live with you?.I need a friend)the man agreed with all pleasure ,so as the dog was doing everynight he had been barking all the night while the man was asleep,But the man didn't wake up!the dog amazed,He barked again then the man waked up and told him (hey!my dog If you are you hungry,go and eat but don't annoying me while I'm asleep)the dog amazed with all astonishment,and thought that the man was courage as he wasn't afraid as the rabbit and the fox or even the enormous bear, And he decided to stay with him forever and he would be his best friend! Since that day the dog has been the Man's best friend and the most faithful one.