Thursday, December 10, 2009

The forbidden door

This tale which I'm going to mesmerize was a dream I dreamed it once, Although that we never feel those fantasy moves in dreams ,I was so terrified and scared ,I want you to Imagine with me how hilarious was this dream -or I must say a nightmare-just feel it! ,But I want you to realize that there is nothing true, furthermore ,In this tale I have a younger sister, while I have not! ,In this tale we are living on the roof of our building which we are not, All the matter is just some confusing game!
By Asil

.Hi I'm Asil ,I still live in Egypt and I'm still having the same bedroom, But with a weird ,strange door!
the door which is contact the room with the roof directly ,but this door was forbidden, It wasn't allowed to open it or even to approach ,Why?...I didn't know, nobody knew ,just some threatens from my parents to stay afar ,But after 14 years I was still carious ,I was still wanting to know what was hidden behind that old well-scarred door ,I approached ,But I remembered all the stories about this door ,about the ghosts which was behind it and the murderer spirits ,But Noo, the time was come to know the unknown, I feel it with my fingers, it seemed so fragile ,I prepared myself to hit it with my fest, CRAASSH, the wooden door was broken to explore another iron door behind it, as a consequence ,it fall down with a strong metallic sound, I pulled my hand fast ,to see the most deep injure ,first I thought it was just an Injure made by the broken door, But when I watched much carefully I saw it, with no mistake, It was a Copra's sting ,And it spread all it's poison liquid within my hand too.!!!!!!!???
The unknown:
.after a minute the sting was aid ,It's a dream...right? ,I backed the room again cursing this door which was like a gate of hell , But instead I found what? ..Imagine with me, my young sister was holding a lot of brown and yellow wet balls, and told me happily "Asil!, see I bring a chain for you!" ,I felt it, it was like…
Like eggs, Eggs I didn't know it's sex, but I was scared ,I snatched the eggs directly from her hand, and carry it till I reached the kitchen, then I put them in the fridge ,I breath deeply ,I was assumed that would prevent them from completing their growth system in their eggs, But suddenly I remembered some hilarious details were stuck me back for two meters "the eggs which I was held was just yellow ,where are the brown ones?" I shouted ,and this sort of acknowledge was enough to stunned me.
The forbidden door, the terrified night, the screaming within me, it was Impossible to expect that there were people still asleep among all that grooming ,it was an exceptional night, I turned around and I saw one brown egg cracking, craaaaaaaaack, I didn't even want to watch.
I saw it, just like a warm, but it was green, I inspected a small eagle was revolving around in the apartment-don't forget that it's a dream- I felt comfortable as I assumed that the eagle would eat the strange green warm ,But imagine what?
The warm's tongue longed to reach the flying eagle and eat it directly, it was a wild strange warm I ignore it's sex, this was a problem, but to eat an eagle which was meaning that it lives on meet, this was a trouble ,to notice that there were some changes happing and few physical systems took place on your table this was a disaster.
The creature:
Ooh, what a fast change, the little warm was changed into a small crocodile with two heads and it was still growing.
I screamed ,that was all I can do.
I will wake up all the family to search with me for the lost eggs, what did I do?, It was a forbidden door as I was foolish to try to open it. I seemed had opened a gate of Hell. Why do I never follow the rules and laws?
This dream was a hilarious and terrifying experience for me ,I saw finally one result of my irresponsibility and unwariness which I've always behaving , but this after all was a dream as my first result in real life when my new mobile phone fall over my wide open pocket while I was walking uncared , this was the big hit.