Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chapter 2 of Shakespear,winter's tale!



.By the coast,an old shipper was passing through the way to feed his few ships,coincidentally he glanced something lasting reflected sun rays to blind him,he took a step backward,then he approched to cheak it,he found a beautiful,lost baby was waiting her savior"Oh,what a lasting jeweles!"her expensive coat was indicating her noble family,he took her to his own cottage and with all kind and love his wife had found a pleasure opportunity to look after a baby and take care of it as they weren't giving birth and they named her Perdita which is meaning in Latin the lost girl,they took her jeweles and sold some of them and bought some new ships,and immigrated to another city to prevent their neighbors to doubt about their spontaneous wealthy,days after days,years afer years...the young perdita had been a beautiful miss,she took the noble manner and the proud behavior of her mother as any one was seeing her for the first time he wasn't believe that she was a shipper daughter.


.Florizel was the prince of bohimia the son of Polixenes the king,he was taking his raws everyday and went to hunt deers,coincidentally,once he saw a beautiful blond girl,among all gromming and shouting his ears didn't listen to any sound but her voice,he fell in love with her at once,He decided to visit her house to see her parents,he was afraid if they were greedy,So he disguised as a normal merchant and visit her,day after another the beautiful perdita and the hiden florizel had been lovers,King polixenes worried about his son,he had been almost out,so he commanded Camillo to linger behind him as a spy to know where he had been going these days,as soon as Camillo had been knowing all about that matter as he went back to Polixenes and told him all about perdita the poor daughter of the shipper,Polixenes had been angry"Shipper daughter,what a shame! how come that my son the prince of bohimia to love such that law born girl" and decided to disguise and fallowed his unrisponsable son that neight to see the matter with his own eyes. .That neight the shipper made a party and invite florizel,his father was watching him while he was sitting with Perdita the law born girl,he Interrupted their speech and told florizel with furious dialect"They have told me,that you love her,but where are your prsents and gifts for her?,when we were as you we used to elaborate our love by giving gifts" he replied negating"my gift for her is my love and it's close in my heart" he calmed a momment"stay here as a witness when I swear that I'm going to marry Perdita"he said it aloud,his father the king showed himself for all and told off florizel"how dare you to swear on thing such like that?,you had better to break dawn with her"then he faced perdita"and I'm warnning you to stay away of my son,or else.....,I will prison you and kill your father"he threatened them and left them and go,while the silence of all perdita finally cut it"I was wanting to told him that the sun which rise on his high palace is the same one which rise on my father poor cottage,isn't it?",Camillo feeled with their misery and wanted to help them so he suggest"why don't I take both of you to cisili,which Leantos can help you,and by the way to see my homeland again which I've missed it alot".

Pulina's statue

.by the warm welcom which Leantos did,by a terrable sight Leantos said"Oh,how much did I regret,I've missed your father a lot"he turned to face perdita"Oh,how beautiful are you,you look like my wife Hermoine a lot,If my lost girl is still alive,she would be look like you!",the poor shipper listen carfully and began to ask some questions about Leantos's lost baby,he began to doubt that perdita was the same child,he showed them the expensive coat and the jeweles which was surrounded her,Pulina recognised them,after being sure and confident that Perdita and the lost baby are same,pulina suggest"I've a statue of hermoine in my house,why don't you come with me and see it?"they all agreed,with the eager of perdita to see her mother and her confusion,she kneeled opposite to her mother statue with unbelieve face,Leantos said regretfully"Oh my beautiful queen,Hermoine,how misery and pain do I feel after you,It was all my falth,my jealousy was killing me"Pulina held the curtain and pleased the king to draw it but he refused with a sign of his finger"I feel air blowing from her side,I see her eyes moving right and left"said Leantos"see,you have begun to assume,I have to draw the curtain"Pulina said with astonishment"don't laugh at me,but I will kiss the statue"said leantos"no my lord,I can make the statue move and talk with you!"said Pulina,The statue approches from leantos and told him"Oh,my sweat husband!all along my life I've swear to never forgive you unless my lost baby is found,I've hide myself in Pulina's house all along twenty years to punish you"said Hermoine"And now I've forgive you as I've showed myself again"then she turned to perdita"welcom my dear",By the astonishment of all and their belieflessness faces,Pulina announced"Hermoine is alive as she was along twenty years ago!".


.After Hermoine's suffering,Leantos regretting ,Florizel's true love,Polixenes's unjustince,Pulina's and Camillo's faithfulness And finally Perdita's losing her right to live as a princess all along twenty years,
The dream of all had achieved as their singing was aloud in Perdita's and Florizel marriage,they were all dancing indicating of the disapperance of Treason among them,and as Camillo was asking Pulina to permit him to dance with him,the two faithful servants who they had been saviors,both of them were happy as all,both them were dancing with each other as Leantos was dancing with Hermoine and as Florizel was dancing with Perdita,But although all that,they were differed,they were sharing a look of saviors,such like Camillo was telling Pulina that"we had accomplished our hard mission,and exert our effort and life within it,Although our love have lived within us and I've missed your face all along twenty years,as fast as I've found an opportunity to come here as I seized it to see you,just you"their looks were saying a lot as she replied"No one know about our love even shakespear himself as we will stay the only lovers who have never fighting as their confidence was within us"Camillo gave Pulina a slight kiss which no one had noticed! But I can't say even me....Right???or what

To be honest the part which is talking about Pulina's and Camillo's love is all made by me,I've noticed the direct relationship between them from the beginning,Although Shakespear himself hadnot,But anyone will notice that if he read the unsimplified,main one,I hope you like it as I've exerted a lot of effort to write it.