Thursday, February 17, 2011

Statistics of the results of this corruption in Egypt

to show my view as a 15-year-old Egyptian protester , he is a dictatorship with all evidences please give me a space to show you how the delay is in Egypt by taking on the other side that the Egyptian people must be the richest due to the presence of sues canal and the Egyptian cotton also Nile river,Statistics of the results of this corruption in Egypt

A year ago a crosser was carrying over 1300 person was crossing the red sea to go ٍٍSaudi Arbia it drawn in the sea within seven hours with no help despite sending lots of helping calls ,the owner escaped to another country before the crosser leave Egypt because he had insured the ship and insured the 1300 life on it too, after this the court ruled not guilty and the guilty one was the sailor who drawn in the see
  1. 17 million still can’t write nor read
  2. The unemployment rate reached 51% of the campaign higher qualifications the unemployment rate in general reached more than 10.30% the highest rate in the world
  3. 47% under the poverty line
  4. more than 10% Infected with Hepatitis C and more than the third infected with liver diseases
  5. more than 104 suicide attempt yearly and more than 565 homeless children 13 million youth still unmarried including 7 million over 50 9 million unmarried girl over 30 240 cases of divorces and it’s to reach over 2,5 divorced women and it’s the highest in the world
  6. 47% are smokers 30% of the preparatory pupils are smokers
  7. In 2010 about 70 thousand cases in this year alone, including a 5000 incident and a waste of public funds and embezzlement of 1300 incident
  8. 9.8% of the total population of Egypt, or nearly 8 million Egyptians used drugs
  9. add to all that millions and millions Detainees because of the emergency law for each of the rears his beard in order to fight the religion of Islam any one speaks about police like Palestine,America and Israel is taken as a detainee
  10. selling gas for Israel with third the global price and that make me as all the people so frustrated and angry
  11. Increasing Shiite influence in Egypt
. 12زAbout 4 million citizens living outside of Egypt Egypt
13. The proportion of colony illegitimate in Egypt is estimated at between 10 to 15% of the number of colony in the world where the numbers of young people who have immigrated illegally during the past two years surpassed the 100 thousand man,
drowned, including 503 young men and has about 527, in addition to 294 have been set up bringing the proportion of young mouse illegally in a village-Tton- located in Fayoum 6 thousand young people from a total of 40 000 people
Great, great, great, all this corruption in order to see that after they have communicated to us by the local news that was created above the 400 project ???!!!!, I hope to mention the names of these projects, perhaps the phrase is and sale of Toshka where one of these projects it was great not only Egyptians but also the entire human

Introduced from the heart of Cairo